Our History

Lynn Ingram (left) and Emily Cesario (right)


Sugar of the Nile Professional Body Sugaring manufactures and distributes sugar paste, an all-natural hair removal product. The company was founded in 2002 by Winnipeg entrepreneur Lynn Ingram. Lynn has many years of professional experience and is trained as a sugar paste technician. Her daughter Emily, joined the team in 2004 as an educator after receiving her education degree in 2002 from the University of Manitoba. Together, Lynn and Emily have expanded Sugar of the Nile Professional Body Sugaring by adding to the line of products and setting up distributors and educators across the continent and abroad.  Sugar of the Nile Professional Body Sugaring is proud to offer a professional quality product sold exclusively to estheticians and trained sugarists.

What Is Body Sugaring

Sugar paste, used for hair removal, was originally developed by the Egyptians many centuries ago. The name Sugar of the Nile is a direct reference to this history. The paste is created in an environment free from impurtities blending together a recipe of all-natural ingredients. During a sugaring treatment, the hair is removed from the root and the skin is gently exfoliated, leaving the skin with a clean healthy glow. Our products are paraben free and are not tested on animals. 

Benefits Of Body Sugaring

Body sugaring is a water soluble product which is designed to gently and efficiently remove hair from all body parts and skin types. It is the safest and most superior hair removal technique as it removes the hair from the root while exfoliating the skin. With regular use by a certified sugarist, the client will ultimately notice less hair return to the treated area, offering permanent results. 

Become A Supplier

Sugar of the Nile Professional Body Sugaring is ready to supply the many salons and home practitioners who use the sugar paste method of hair removal. Our product is excellent. We have refined our process to create a consistent and workable paste at a competitive price.

Our product is being introduced in new salons daily. If you are as passionate about sugaring as we are, and are interested in this exciting opportunity, join our team as a distributor.  Become a supplier today.

Become An Educator

Sugaring is an art form which must be learned correctly from an experienced professional. Great results for clients are achieved by great sugarists. If you love teaching and would like to join our team of high quality instructors, please contact us. Become an educator today.